Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Diet Recedes as Cause of Cancer

BrooklynDodger a few years ago attended a public meeting linking cancer to the environment. For virtually every tumor site, “diet” was claimed to be a risk factor, mostly not eating enough vegetables [like your mother told you to] and too much meat [maybe not what your mother said.] Some recent publications undermine some of this blame-the-victimology.

Most of this diet centric view arises from not knowing anything about chemical exposures.

So today BrooklynDodger posts 3 publications.

First, a review of diet and cancer, which outlines the history following the [bogus] Doll and Peto claim that 35% of cancer deaths were attributed to dietary factors. The reviewer concedes that the “too much fat” hypothesis has fallen, and that vegetables don’t prevent breast cancer. A recent study linking red meat and colorectal cancer is cited as showing there is a connection.

The references to these two studies follow.



Henry Bliss said...

Did I miss something? Still waiting to see those three references...



BrooklynDodger said...

See 2/25 post for references and more commentary