Thursday, April 14, 2005

Mental Illness Doesn't Cause Cancer

Apparently there is another population prospective health study, the Swedish Twin registry. Twins studies reduce or eliminate genetic factors, although twins may experience hightly correlated environments. In this study of 29000 twins [14000 pairs?], A personality test measured neuroticism and extroversion. All analyses were conducted for six etiologically different groups of cancers: hormone-related organ cancers, virus-related and immune-related cancers, digestive organ cancers (excluding liver), respiratory organ cancers, cancers in other sites, and all cancer sites. The authors found no significant association between neuroticism, extroversion, their joint effects and the risk for any cancer group.

Cancer. 2005 Mar 1;103(5):1082-91.

Personality traits, health behavior, and risk for cancer: a prospective study of Swedish twin court.

Hansen PE, Floderus B, Frederiksen K, Johansen C.Department of Psychosocial Cancer Research, Institute of Cancer Epidemiology, The Danish Cancer Society, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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