Saturday, October 15, 2005

Bird Flu

We are maybe moving in the direction of syndromic surveillance. Multiple incidents of workplace caused respiratory disease have been dismissed as the "flu." The flu that's here kills about 35,000 a year, chump casualties compared to the millions from possible pandemic bird flu, but serious enough.

Until the media is educated on respirators that work, how can we expect the public to be? These, taken from MSNBC, seem to have a nose clip, but only one strap so they can't work.

That is one really scary looking sick or dead bird. Wonder what country?


Anonymous said...

And the CDC continues blurring the difference between N95 respirators and surgical masks…

On Sept 9, 2005 added a new training video and written materials for health care providers to the CDC Emergency Preparedness & Response page on its website ( ) (bold text added):

Under the News and Highlights column –

Transcript: Just In Time Radiation Training Video for Hospital Clinicians
[Insert Scene 3 PPE]
The same standard guidelines routinely used in hospitals for protection from microbiological contamination are also used for protection from radiological contamination. Wear a waterproof apron, cap, booties, and gloves. Tyvek type suits, another form of waterproof protection, may be more practical for use in wet areas, such as the decontamination zone. Double glove and change gloves frequently. Surgical masks are adequate. If available, N-95 masks are recommended. Due to fetal sensitivity to radiation, indicate if you are pregnant, or think you might be pregnant, so that an alternate assignment can be made.
AND in the accompanying written supplement to this training video, on the same CDC website -
Radiological Terrorism: Emergency Management Pocket Guide for Clinicians

Use standard precautions to protect staff.

• Follow standard guidelines for protection from microbiological contamination.
• Surgical masks should be adequate.
• N95 masks, if available, are recommended.
• Survey hands and clothing at frequent intervals with a radiation meter.
• Due to fetal sensitivity to radiation, assign pregnant staff to other duties.

BrooklynDodger said...

CDC is determined not to give in. It's a violation of the OSHA respirator standard to require a worker to wear a non NIOSH approved respirator.