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Occupational Injury and Disability Discrimination

BrooklynDodger brings this to the occupational blog because it's an occupational situation.

Larry Brown's osteoarthritis of the hip was almost certainly of occupational origin. [The Dodger did look it up.] The condition might have been caused by playing or running up and down the court coaching for any number of employers, but it was undoubtably aggravated during Brown's previous year for the Pistons. The employee was under no obligation to schedule the hip surgery in relation to the employers needs, nevertheless, Larry did so, and returned to work on time.

The bladder problem is a known consequence of the hip surgery. [The Dodger did look it up.] It appears Larry couldn't pee, not that he had to leave the court in the 4th quarter. Nevertheless, it falls in the caused or aggravated catergory.

The history reads like a workers compensation or ADA retaliation case.

PS: What's up with the Mayo Clinic? BrooklynDodger recalls that the 2,000 year old man also went to the Mayo Clinic

Motown reunion

Larry's health an issue as he returns to Detroit

Larry Brown brings Knicks, and questions about his health, with him to Detroit.

The uncertainty regarding Larry Brown's health, a major factor in the Detroit Pistons' decision to sever ties with the Hall of Fame coach last July, could become a troubling issue for the Knicks.

On eve of his emotional return to Detroit, Brown revealed that he'll need additional surgery to correct a bladder condition and that he has decided to postpone the procedure until after the season. Brown added that he's "pretty confident" he'll be healthy enough to coach all 82 regular season games but he wouldn't guarantee it.

"I've been in the hospital twice in the last three weeks and I think I feel like I got to wait until after the season to get some things taken care of," Brown said during a conference call. "If I did something now it would keep me out. But if I did it after the season I would have ample time, I think, to get back and get ready to go again."

Brown, 65, has attended every Knicks practice and game since signing a five-year, $50 million contract on July 27. The two hospital visits he refereed to did not include an overnight stay.

Brown underwent hip surgery last November and then in March he needed surgery for a bladder problem. He missed a total of 17 games last season. The questions over Brown's health and his availability worried the Pistons, who were also upset that Brown was flirting with Cleveland about becoming their top basketball executive while the Pistons were in the midst of trying to win back-to-back NBA championships. William Davidson, the team's reclusive owner, even came out publicly to say that Brown wasn't "a good person."

"It troubles me that he thought I was a bad guy," Brown said. "I did everything I possibly could to coach the team to the best of my ability. ..

Although Brown continues to claim he was fired, he received $7 million of the $18 million he was owed which smells more like a negotiated buy-out...

But Brown also reiterated that he was forced to come back too soon from the hip surgery and hinted that not everyone in the organization believed he had a serious medical condition.

"I was a sked to come back after my first surgery and I did," he said. "I didn't know I was going to have a problem physically. I think that hurt. When I had the hip problem and the problems after that it affected our team. I don't think that's what they were willing to risk this season. I understand that. I think Mr. Davidson made that pretty clear to me.

"I thought if I would be back coaching it would be in Detroit or I wouldn't be coaching because of my health. That's why I wanted as soon as I could to go to the Mayo Clinic and get checked. I thought it was important to let them known quickly because I think it was an issue. I never deviated from saying that if I would coach again I was hopeful that I would be healthy enough to go back to Detroit. But again, they made a decision that they thought was in the best interest of their team. I don't have a problem with that....
Originally published on December 1, 2005

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