Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dodger(s) Pluralism - Easy Way to Fill up a Post

In a previous post, the Dodger(s) raised the possibility of multiple personalities or even a multiplicity of persons being responsible for the farrago posted to this blog. After all, the Reveres claim to be 3 persons, one of whom might be thought to be male in a heterosexual relationship by a posted reference to a Mrs. Revere. But who is to say?

[interestingly, ferrago gains over a million google hits, while farrago, a correct spelling of something, only a few hundred thousand.]

Others might wonder whether the multiplicity of avatars, and sometimes the absence of an avatar reflect a multiplicity of bloggers. The Dodger(s) won't [which includes can't] say.

The chad counter conveys scrutiny, but the Dodger fears copywrite infringement. The twoFrancis Bacon's are cool, but likely only the old one is public domain.

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