Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Gun Safety Comments

After considerable thought, the Dodger(s) decided the VP shooting his crony was a public health issue related to injury control and unintentional violence.

The Dodger(s) wonder whether the reporting delay was related to a question of blood alcohol level? Surely it was not a question of lacking appropriate endorsement of a hunting license.

The incident harks back to Tom Friedman's comment noted below. There's a difference between knowing how, or wanting, to pull the trigger, and hitting the right target.


Osama and Katrina

Published: September 7, 2005

On the day after 9/11, I was in Jerusalem and was interviewed by Israeli TV. The reporter asked me, ''Do you think the Bush administration is up to responding to this attack?'' As best I can recall, I answered: ''Absolutely. One thing I can assure you about these guys is that they know how to pull the trigger.''

It was just a gut reaction that George Bush and Dick Cheney were the right guys to deal with Osama. I was not alone in that feeling, and as a result, Mr. Bush got a mandate, almost a blank check, to rule from 9/11 that he never really earned at the polls. Unfortunately, he used that mandate not simply to confront the terrorists but to take a radically uncompassionate conservative agenda -- on taxes, stem cells, the environment and foreign treaties -- that was going nowhere before 9/11, and drive it into a post-9/11 world. In that sense, 9/11 distorted our politics and society.

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