Sunday, February 01, 2009

Who is Watching the Watchers at NTP?

BrooklynDodger(s) Comments: The Board of Scientific Counselors of the National Toxicology Program reviews the Report on Carcinogens and the technical reports of 2-year carcinogenicity bioassays. External "peer" review is an important aspect of governance. The BSC roster for the February meeting includes 11 appointed members. Of these, 4 are directly employed by industry (more accurately, by management) and 1 is a professor in an endowed chair named for a drug company. Management would be expected to employ scientists whose scientific views are compatible with policy results comforting to management. The Dodger(s) note(s) a substantial number of ad hoc members who provide some balance to the public interest side, but the permanent members not so much.

The Dodger(s) also note that the BSC lacks recognizable names in exposure assessment, an essential element of review of epidemiological studies which are the basis for ROC listings.

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