Thursday, December 25, 2008

Human Ecology in a Declining Economy

BrooklynDodger(s) comment: Sometimes the source is not peer reviewed; this comes from the Detroit Free Press which is almost underwater like the car companies. The Dodger(s) has(have) seen coyotes in riverside Detroit (not the business district, but habited.) The near, or maybe total collapse of the Detroit auto industry exemplifies Chaos theory - moderate to small changes in an adverse direction may be recovered from, but a little push may crash the whole system. The system includes people living nearby the companies and their factories. Chaos also says that once a system crashes, it may never come back to where it was.

This applies to the wildlife around Detroit. Those who said let the companies fail suggest we live in a "dog eat dog" world. There's something else that eats dogs, in this case, coyotes.

The Dodger(s) didn't have time to compare sitesfor this, and, embarrassed by the notion of posting a wikipedia link, provide the following lecture notes

Coyotes clash with humans, small pets in Detroit suburbs
Trapping, shooting considered


"Kim Sikand had seen coyotes in her Bloomfield Hills yard, and she had heard city advice to keep pets under watch...

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