Friday, December 12, 2008

Magnetic fields and Cardiovascular Disease

The burden of attempting daily posting is already weighing on the Dodger(s), hence this reference to a study of an exposure about which the Dodger(s) know little.

This marks an early appearance of a 2009 publication.

The bottom line about EMF and adverse health effects is that human studies are equivocal, meaning not completely null. This study presents an additional null result. However, at best, epidemiology rules out an excess greater than 50% above the control rate, for hazard identification purposes.

This report is a secondary data analysis based on linkage of a job exposure matrix with a sample of U.S. workers from the National Longitudinal Mortality Study (have to search for this data base). The Dodger(s) also have to persue the exposure matrix.

Bowman JD, Touchstone JA, Yost MG. A population-based job exposure
matrix for power-frequency magnetic fields. J Occup Environ Hyg. 2007;

Population-Based Cohort Study of Occupational Exposure to Magnetic Fields and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality

Annals of EpidemiologyVolume 19, Issue 1, January 2009, Pages 42-48

Anna R. Cooper, Edwin Van Wijngaarden, Susan G. Fisher, M. Jacob Adams, Michael G. Yost, Joseph D. Bowman

"After adjustment for demographic factors, there were no significant excess risks between individuals with medium (0.15 to <0.20 μT), high (0.20 to <0.30 μT), or very high (≥0.30 μT) exposure levels as compared with individuals with background exposure levels of MF (<0.15 μT) for the CVD mortality outcomes. Indirect adjustment for potential confounding by current smoking prevalence did not change the pattern of these results."

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