Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Just Blogging

BrooklynDodger(s) Comment: So, here's a disclaimer, in case someone eventually discovers who the BrooklynDodger(s) is(are). Blogging is supposed to be quick (symbolized by the illustration) and conversational comments on items found in the media. Just because the Dodger(s) comment on here are frequently from weighty journals, it doesn't change the "quick and conversational" part. Sometimes the Dodger(s)' comments may be incorrect because of lack of searching literature to confirm. The Dodger(s) may have only read the abstract rather than the full text. The Dodger(s) may make snarky comments (without adding "Just Kidding."

Just remember, this ain't the National Academies, it's just blogging.

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