Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hazardous Chemical Exposures Near Schools

[A new funding source for Johns Hopkins - USA Today. Maybe in future Bloomberg News will fund the Bloomberg School of Public Health.]

The reported study was directed at toxic heavy metals and volatile organic chemicals. Levels were found at some schools, above, the Dodger(s) presume, EPA RfC's or ATSDR MRL's. This sampling campaign might have been more productive had it focused on PM2.5 or Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) as measured by elemental carbon. Both PM2.5 and DPM pose far more clear and present dangers at prevailing levels in the street than the contaminants reported at the levels detected.
Air tests reveal elevated levels of toxics around schools

\By Brad Heath and Blake Morrison, USA TODAY
MIDLAND, Pa. — In this borough of 2,900 in the westernmost part of the state, the steel industry used to be the primary employer. Today, Midland's schools offer the most jobs — and now are beginning to unravel a mystery that could affect the health of their students.

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