Saturday, December 20, 2008

Internet Research Proves the Dodger(s) Wrong 48

BrooklynDodger(s) Comment: The Dodger(s) bought a replica jersey with a script "Brooklyn" rather than "Dodgers." The Dodger(s) searched the net for pictures of such a jersey, couldn't find one, and then opined (more than once and in public) that there was no such thing and that the jersey was a sign of fraud, falsification and other frippery and drippery on behalf of the hated Los Angeles Dodgers. (This did not prevent the Dodger(s) from sometimes wearing the jersey, since it gave an opportunity to denounce Walter O'Malley again.)

Crow is being served tonight for dinner. Following the above link will take you to a picture of the 1940 Dodgers, with "Brooklyn" scripted on their jerseys. Note the racial composition of the team.

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